Offering a wide range of safety and rescue products even aquatic salvage, with one aim in mind, keeping yourself and your belongings safe.

Y-Sink Incorporated

Introducing BeachPort

Made of marine grade nylon and sea worthy rubber make the BeachPort an item you can use again and again. Currently they are Black with a Grey trim but many color verities are possible including customizations and logo’s, as skins to cover the BeachPort. Y-Sink also offers a BoatPort for convenient safe shore docking for boats.

The two port systems are the same in the approach, light, reusable and portable and rolls up small enough to stow onboard your vessel. Both systems can be pumped quickly by hand or in an instant from a portable air compressor. But with the BoatPort endless shore lines become your port of call, by protecting your hull as you safely anchor at the shore line with out the harmful hull abrasion.

Introducing FloatRail

With triple redundant buoyancy replacement measures you will be well protected, as well as everything onboard. The system is also capable of deploying itself, with a non-electric hydrostatic valve. For larger vessels dissolvable detection sensors can be used when a problematic area is exposed to water. The fortified inflatable floating platform, formed around your vessel is there in seconds. Tightly rolled air bags are concealed within a sturdy rub rail enabling complete coverage.

The FloatRail system can be installed on a boat on the port and starboard sides right at water line. The rails only deploy when triggered allowing the rub rail to maintain its ridgeline design and protect the hull without compromising the bags inside. Each installation comes with a captains call as well for times when you know you’ll need the added buoyancy of a doubled beam while the bags are deployed, this adds maximum floatation to an at risk vessel. For the general public kits are available to meet the needs of boats 24’ and upwards of 45-50’, vessels larger then common recreational and sailing boats are custom made with sizing and adjustable mounting options.

Introducing SalvageRail

By utilizing multiple rails to bag configurations any cargo or vessel can be quickly outfitted with our patented and re-useable system. The bags are deployed in a controlled fashion after securely attaching the rails to provide a return to buoyancy and stability both underwater ascending to the surface and at the surface, allowing the salvage (Vessel/Cargo) to safely be towed away. With the SalvageRail a larger variety of mounting options are available including magnets, suction cups, and rivets to name a few, depending on the dimensional specifics of the wreckage. With Y-Sink’s FloatAssist technology, salvage projects can be done at a fraction of the cost and time on large-scale retrieval operations out at sea.

The SalvageRail comes in a time of crisis at a marina when a vessel encounters the first sign of trouble and quickly brings back a customers submerged or partly submerged vessel, all while helping to ensure the health of the marina with its prompt use to help eliminate pollutants from the vessel itself. Currently marina’s are forced to laboriously pump out water from the vessel to keep the surface buoyancy. This is timely and not always feasible for submerged hulls. But with FloatAssist the right amount of buoyancy can be applied after the fact, to quickly address the issue.

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